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Famicity Updates to the Mobile App: Tree Now Available

It’s finally there! Viewing and adding people to your family tree is now available on the mobile site and your Apple or Android devices!

In just a few steps from almost anywhere in the world, you can build your tree easily and share it with other members of your family.

How Can I get My Family Tree on My Phone?tree-blog

To access your family tree on your phone or mobile device, simply upgrade your mobile app from your mobile device’s app store or go to and log in.

How Do I Add a Person to My Family Tree?

It’s easy! In your tree, select the person to whom you want to add a relationship, and then tap “Add Relatives”.

You will then be redirected to a new page where you can choose who you want to add and then provide information to be placed in the profile.

Once completed, confirm the information and it will then appear in the tree!

How Can I Invite My Family to View My Tree?SMS

Using the up-to-date app, you can access your mobile device’s address book to add people to view your family tree. This will send an invitation via text (SMS) message to your loved ones. This means you don’t need to have the email address of your family members!

Need Additional Help?

If you need help with this or any feature on, please check out our Help Center. It’s full of great tips and trick for building your online family community. Do you still need help? Submit a Ticket.

Give Us Your Opinion!

Have you tried this new update? What did you think? We welcome and encourage your opinions regarding the app. We don’t always know what we need to improve or fix unless you, the users, tell us. Send us a quick note using our Submit a Ticket tool or tell us in the comments.


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