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Genealogy Apps that Work Together to Improve Research

If you conduct genealogy and family history research, you know that you can find information of any kind on the internet. It’s helpful when you can find a lot of information from many resources in one spot. So what genealogy websites are out there that partner or connect with each other to do just that?

This blog covers two of the more popular genealogy research websites that create partnerships and affiliations for the purpose of providing genealogists and family history researchers with as many resources possible for finding and recording the stories of their family.

FamilySearch FamilySearch Logo

Last week, we announced our partnership with While this partnership is more for the social aspect of bringing families together, it’s still an important piece of the much bigger picture….connecting families and putting together your family’s story.

Other FamilySearch partnerships include:

  • is a rootsfinder-logo-colorwebsite and research app that brings the hints to you from various resources around the web such as, and Read this blog about how RootsFinder works.
  • has an FMPextensive library of online database records. They also have numerous partnerships with societies that are dedicated to historical preservation.
  • has a research and DNA component. MyHeritage is a place to research as well as connect with DNA matches to bring your family together.

A complete list of FamilySearch partnerships and apps that you might find useful can be found here. ancestry logo has a variety of their own database collections as well as the ability to pull from branded databases and partnerships such as,, and many others to provide you with the most hints and records for your ancestors that can be compiled

  • Newspapers comis a large collection of U.S. newspapers starting in the late 1700s and goes into the early 2000s. That’s over 100 million pages of historical newspapers from over 4,000 newspapers that are searchable online.
  • provides access to military records that may include the stories, photos, and personal documents of the men and women who served.find-a-grave-logo
  • is a resource for finding the final resting places for people all over the United States that contains more than 100 million photos of grave sites and over 115 million memorials all taken by volunteers.

So however and wherever you choose to conduct your research, you have a lot of genealogy apps websites and resources working together to help you find and tell your family’s story.


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