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Working Through Research with Genealogy Fiction

We learn a lot from reading whether the content is fiction or non-fiction. genealogy fiction

Our genealogy research tells us non-fictional stories of our ancestors.

Why not take those stories and write a book?

That’s exactly what Erin Harris, Famicity’s US Content & Social Media Manager, did!

Her book “Conversational Influences of Dreams and Faces Unknown” unlocks the secrets of her family where ancestors appear in Andrea’s dreams to help guide her in here genealogy research efforts. However, their messages, hints, and directions aren’t always clear. It’s when one particular ancestor appears with the message to stop looking for him when she questions how she is to proceed.

Does she continue researching this ancestor as it’s just a joke of her own subconscious or a warning from beyond?

Join Andrea, a millennial, as she discovers her family’s past as she indulges her subconscious dreams with waking research where she learns more than she could’ve imagined with parallels that connect the past to the present.

Considered genealogy fiction, Erin’s book covers actual numerous genealogy topics and research methods that she’s covered for the Famicity blog.

To purchase your own copy of Erin’s book in paperback or Amazon Kindle, visit the link below.


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