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About us

Do you know the proverb « To know where you’re going you have to know where you came from » ?

Learning the story of our parents, grandparents and sometimes even our more distant ancestors is a need that we all have. Consequently, millions of genealogists have managed to trace their stories as far back as the 16th Century and even further, proving to be a priceless treasure both for them and their family.

The two founders of, Guillaume Languereau and Jérôme Blanchard, dreamed of having an online resource where they could gain quick and easy access to their family story, so they created one!




Create your own family tree with your relatives



On Famicity you will have the ability to create your own family tree and invite your family to join you. The aim is to tell your story together, through the creation of a fantastic online space where all of your photos, writings, memories and biographies of your ancestors can be collectively stored.

Compatible with genealogy software and sites, Famicity also enables the genealogist in your family (maybe you?) to share all of his or her existing genealogical research via a Gedcom import. We’re sure that you’ll discover a wealth of priceless treasures!

Your story from yesterday and today


As you will have gathered, Famicity has been designed to be a completely collaborative family tool. Each member of your family from 7 to 107 years old can add photo albums, write updates, comment, like and much more! Our wish is for Famicity to be a fun and simple way for everyone to be able to participate in the writing of their story.

The idea is to start your story from right now, whatever your age. And, if you aren’t sure where to start, we’re on hand to help! All you need to do is answer the story of the month (FR) questions. 🙂

An online space for future generations



Let’s start sharing our story straight away! By doing so future generations will be able to benefit from the wealth of knowledge it will bring and will discover us just as we were throughout the different stages in our lives.

Imagine the pleasure that you could have right now if you had access to this information about your ancestors. It’d be fantastic wouldn’t it? Unfortunately though it is still far too rare.

So starting from today, let’s create our story so that future generations can have access to a part of our life.

Available on all platforms!


In order to facilitate usage for all of the family, Famicity is available on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Please don’t hesitate to download the apps:





Famicity helps families to preserve and enhance their legacy. Free and private.

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Marketing & Communication

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co-founder and CEO of Famicity
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