Using Technology to Map the Lives of Our Ancestors

It’s not a genealogy research secret that census records are extremely helpful when learning about our ancestors. They provide names, relations, occupations and where they lived. If you can find the records, they also provide underlying details of where ancestors may have moved to throughout their lives. How do census records from the past work with resources …

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Learning About Coat of Arms from

Sometimes in our genealogy and family history research, we come across a family crest or coat of arms. It’s a symbol of what the family stood for at one point in time. It’s a piece of the celebration of accomplishments and identification. John Lehman is the owner of and has spent decades researching and …

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The Ancestor Hunt

There are a lot of great resources on the internet to research history, family history and other topics of general interest involving people. Recently, I discovered the website “The Ancestor Hunt” as a free resource for finding online newspapers from all over the United States and Canada. Website owner Kenneth R. Marks has collected a …

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Indexing online records is an important component to genealogy research. We see indexed records through many genealogy websites that were collected and indexed by the masses. What about smaller collections and obscure records that maybe only exist in someone’s personal collection? Where do they go online? Who will index them?

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