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Discovering DNA Testing – Opening New Doors to Genealogy Trees – Part 2

It’s 2018 and we are learning more than ever from our DNA. In “Discovering DNA Testing – Opening New Doors to Genealogy Trees – Part 1“, we explained how DNA testing helps us understand our medical background, genetic traits, heritage and finding distant relatives. Here’s a summary of how we can use our DNA to find …

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Blast From the Non-Digital Genealogy Research Past With Everton’s Genealogical Helper

Browsing around on the various genealogy-focused Facebook groups, I saw someone posting that they were giving away a collection of Everton’s Genealogical Helper Magazine. What is Everton’s Genealogical Helper Magazine? Since I had never heard of this publication, I took her up on this offer and now I have some genealogy research history to share with …

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Using Technology to Map the Lives of Our Ancestors

It’s not a genealogy research secret that census records are extremely helpful when learning about our ancestors. They provide names, relations, occupations and where they lived. If you can find the records, they also provide underlying details of where ancestors may have moved to throughout their lives. How do census records from the past work with resources …

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